Joseph Lightfoot
As the CEO and co-founder of Results Inc., I work with a number of individuals and organisations to provide health and performance coaching and consultancy. Clients range from 10 to 70 years of age, including both complete novices through to athletes competing at world championship level.
Within elite sport I currently work with two international lacrosse teams in an athletic performance capacity.

As a medical school graduate, I have also continued to be involved in numerous research projects in elite performance settings, including research into hand injuries and their mechanisms with the Great Britain boxing team, and overall injury data for Scottish Rugby. I additionally sit on the Sports and Exercise Medicine Council at the Royal Society of Medicine. In 2014 I was invited to join an expert group at the Department of Health for physical activity.

I am passionate about health policy and the role of lifestyle in medical care, which carries through to my role as the founder and director of an award-winning campaign called Move Eat Treat. This aims to raise awareness of lifestyle in medical practice. I have both written about and spoken widely on the campaign, including at national and international conferences.

My writing has appeared in both national media and online, including two self-published books – the first, Notes From The US, recounts everything I learnt while spending 10 weeks in the US with some of the best clinicians and coaches I could find. My second, Championship Lacrosse Success, details how to prepare a lacrosse team to excel at a major championship.

Outside of academia I am a keen athlete and have personal best times of 11.36 for the 100m and 49.97 for the 400m. In 2011, I won the Under 90kg UK’s Strongest Athlete Competition.