Book: Championship Lacrosse Success

Here’s my second book, Championship Lacrosse Success.

This book contains specific instructions for how to excel at a lacrosse championship.

Over the past 12 months I’ve been lucky enough to be in a position to go to the three biggest lacrosse events of the year. Firstly the NCAA Division One lacrosse final in Boston as a spectator, the senior European Championships as a member of the support staff for Team Scotland, and finally to the Under 19 Lacrosse World Championships as the Performance Coach for the England team.

This book details how to not only survive a lacrosse championship but to excel. It shares my experiences of being part of a support staff to teams at the two biggest lacrosse championships of 2012, what I learnt and how I would go about supporting a lacrosse team in the future.

But it isn’t just my thoughts and ideas. This book also includes three other fantastic individuals who all have a different area of expertise, Chris Wainer as an Assistant Coach to the England Team, Adam Wright as sports psychologist also to England, and Ben Coomber, who is one the smartest nutritionists I know. Their insights and additions have helped shape this book and they each have their own sections where they offer their advice.

This book will cover both the physical and mental aspects of excelling, as well as covering nutrition and other things that need to be considered to succeed at a championship.


Who’s it for?

This book is written specifically for lacrosse players and coaches who want to achieve success and win championship games.

However, a lot of the information is applicable to any athlete wanting to become elite, and achieve greatness in their sport. So whatever sport you play or coach we hope this book will help you in some way.

What this book will teach you:

  • How to fuel your body in order to perform at your very best
  • A post-game strategy to ensure optimal recovery
  • The importance of hydration and how to tell if you’re drinking enough
  • The role of sleep and how to improve the quality of it
  • Things you can do to promote recovery between games
  • How you can reduce the risk of getting injured
  • Pre-game warm up and post-game cool down (including position-specific warm ups)
  • How to mentally prepare and recover for championship games
  • And much much more…

We hope this book helps you and your team succeed, whatever level of lacrosse you play.

Was this book helpful? If so…

  1. Let us know – We’d love some feedback via Twitter, or feel free to contact me directly.
  2. Share it with the world. Myself and the other authors spent a lot of time on this book and we have made it freely available to impact as many people as possible. We’d love for you to pass it on to someone who will benefit from reading it.


  1. Nye Gordon

    Hi Joe, great stuff. Really liked the Aristotle quote and the stuff on mobilisation work. Definitely going to be printing this out and taking it with me on any future tours!

  2. Rory Marsden

    Great book guys! This is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to perform at a major competition.

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