Book: Notes From The US

Here’s my first book, Notes From The US.

This book contains notes from my recent trip to the US, where I spent 10 weeks split between sports medicine departments at Harvard and Stanford universities. These notes are a collection of scribbles, ideas, points to discuss and knowledge inspired by attending a number of conferences and spending time with many world class coaches and clinicians.

Delivered in short snippets, with no rambling or fluff, this is a collection of knowledge and insights spanning health, performance, nutrition and innovation.

Oh, and it runs to nearly 11,000 words by the way.


Who’s it for?

Coaches, doctor’s, researchers, athletes, entrepreneurs and anyone else who’s interested in health, fitness and performance. If you want access to 70+ pages of detailed notes from lectures, seminars and conversations – this book is it.

What you’ll get.

Insights and ideas from the US including:

  • Notes from lectures with world class individuals such as Natalia Verkhoshansky, Craig Liebenson and Joel Jamieson.
  • Over dinner conversations with Dan John and Coach Stevo.
  • Insights from Stanford and their performance director, Brandon Marcello.
  • Notes from an innovation conference in New York.
  • Any much, much more (including bonus notes).

Is it helpful? If so…

  1. Let me know – I’d love some feedback via Twitter, or feel free to contact me directly.
  2. Share it with the world. The individuals featured in here are world class and their knowledge will change how you approach health, fitness and performance. Don’t keep that information to yourself.


  1. ldraper

    Amazing work, thanks!

  2. Robbie Inman

    Brilliant work! Great read

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